This page is for the information of people who would like to have their breed database hosted on Worldpedigrees. The main points are:

General information

Notes as follows:

Getting started

Just email with the following:

When we have received the above and completed the install we will send you detailed instructions.

How to upload changes

This section is for information about how to automatically update your databases
to Worldpedigrees. In general terms you will keep your data in your desktop Breedmate database and when you are ready to upload the latest version of your data, close Breedmate then open a separate application called Pedigree Publisher.

Please follow these steps:

First get the latest version of Pedigree Publisher by purchasing it from, float over the STORE menu and click on Online Orders.

After installing this version start PedPub and open the database you want to export and use the TOOLS-Export to Worldpedigrees command. A dialogue box will appear as shown below:

The contents of the dialogue should be as shown above, i.e. URL must be "".

The "Remote table" and "Password" fields must be set for your specific database. You will be supplied with a list of the "Table Name"s and "Password" to use. The Password will be the same for all the databases that you control on Worldpedigrees. Click "Connect" and the list of Server Fields and suggested matching Local Fields is displayed. You will need to change the Fields to match your actual field names in the database, e.g. you might call the Registration field "Reg No.".

The last step is the easiest. Just press the "Export" button. An hourglass cursor appears while the data transfer to worldpedigrees occurs. For large databases this can be quite lengthy.

That's it. Save your database so that when you open later the values you set in this dialogue won't need to be re-entered.