Open Databases

On Worldpedigrees EVERY breed database is now open. Pro users can directly make additions to an open database. The addition happens immediately so e.g. after adding an entry you can then do a search to find it and view its pedigree. All data submitted by users is kept permanently and will be made available for download by PRO members.

User added records will only appear if the "Include user added records" option is ticked under "Display Options" which is a link at the bottom of every report page. User added records are indicated with an asterisk (*) after the name.

Please note you need to be a Pro user to make changes - cost is US$10 per year.

We are also happy to host new databases where we believe they will provide a valuable service to the pedigree community  - we don't charge for this but we are able to hopefully cover our costs via Pro users registration fees.

So how does it all work? The following sections describe how the Pro user can add a record.

Pro Users

Adding a new entry

From the home page click on the relevant breed, e.g Siberian Husky.

The search page for that database will appear as shown below, then click on [Add entry to database]


The Add new entry page will appear as shown below. We recommend that before entering any other fields, first try and enter the sire and dam. A record for the sire and dam can be entered by typing part of the name then clicking on the "..." button next to it which will then populate the drop down list below it with up to 100 matching names.



If the convenor's database has a record of the same name as one that a user has submitted then it effectively replaces the user submission. If the convenor subsequently removes a record of the same name then the original user added record will appear.